ELEC2117 is a design oriented course, in which students will carry out a practical electrical engineering design in the second half of session, solving an electrical engineering problem involving computer interfacing of electrical/electronic circuits. The design will be supported by relevant theory and practical proficiency gained in the first half of session. It is proposed that the design will also feature the use of a micro controller with appropriate hardware and software support (an introduction to the embedded systems design). Assessment of the course will be designed around the practical components of the course as well as the relevant supporting theory.

Course Timeline:
Chapter 1b - Number Systems
Chapter 1a Introduction to Computers
Chapter 2 - Introduction to Microcontrollers
Chapter 3a - PIC16F886 Instruction Set
Chapter 3b - Assembly Language Programs
Chapter 4 - Timing Delay Routines
Chapter 5a - Interrupts
Chapter 5b - Timers
Chapter 6 - ADC

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